Mid-Island FCU

For the lowest interest rate, a loan may be secured or collateralized by shares in your savings account. Share secured loans are ideal for making purchases without depleting your savings. Borrow up to the amount in your share account at a low rate and continue to earn dividends on the full amount in your account.

The advantages of Share secured loans

There are plenty of good reasons to get a share secured loan:

  • They can improve your credit score
  • They make it easier to apply for future loans
  • You can use in a variety of situations
  • You can rebuild while protecting your savings


  • A prospective borrower must have at least 100.00% of the requested amount in his/her account.
  • Two (2) Government Identification Cards. (NO HEALTH CARD IS ACCEPTED)
  • Social Security Card
  • Provide a utility bill or mail showing physical address, a recent WAPA Bill is preferred. Note: If the Wapa bill is not in your name, from the bill holder, a notarized letter is mandatory with the WAPA bill. Also, two (2) recent rent receipts, home deed or lease agreement, whichever applies to you.

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